Exchanging self with others medallion

In the practice of exchanging self with others, we are taught to change the object of our cherishing from ourself to others. Kids love to pretend to be other beings so this comes naturally to them. In order to help remind them to think of others’ point of view, we created an “exchanging self with others medallion” where the kids got to draw some people close to them, then hang them at their heart. This is a nice visual reminder to view the world from their perspective as a way to realize what would make them happy.

Key quote:

“We imagine that we exchange places with another person, and we try to see the world from his or her point of view”

Eight Steps to Happiness p. 119

Exchanging self with others medallion

Exchanging self with others medallion

Materials needed:

    White paper
    Construction paper
    Hole punch


    Cut white paper and construction paper in half so they are ready to distribute
    Cut yarn to appropriate length to hang at heart level

The picture says a thousand words… kids can draw first then cut into any shape they would like. After that, glue it to the construction paper then cut around it to create the border. Punch a hole then tie the yarn.


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