In loving hands

This morning’s class was about love – we talked about how Buddha described love a holding a wish in our heart for others to be happy. Not just temporary happiness that we get from normal objects of enjoyment but permanent happiness brought by true causes of happiness like the mind of love.

To symbolize this, we made a cut out of an outline of the kids hands. By doing that on a folded piece of paper, the area between the thumb and index finger form a heart! (This was originally spotted on Pinterest but we don’t have source link anymore to give proper credit…)

In loving hands

In loving hands

Materials needed:

Construction and regular paper
Coloring pencils or crayons
Glue (optional)


Fold the construction paper in half. Have the kids put their hand on it with their thumb and index finger going over the edge with the fold and place in a way that will form half a heart. Trace all the way around the hand and then cut it out. When unfolded, you will see the heart in the center.

If you have extra time, you can have the kids glue the cut out onto another piece of paper and then draw people that they love inside the heart. They can also decorate the rest of the craft as they wish!


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