Victory banner

Last Sunday, Kit taught on Accepting Defeat and Offering the Victory. Even though we want to “win” externally all the time, we can offer victory to others and accept defeat such as by allowing other kids to play with our toys. In so doing, we can raise the victory banner of happiness for ourselves and others in our hearts!

Victory banner – love

Materials Needed:

White paper, cut into quarter sheets
Crayons/coloring pencils
Hole punch
Straws or wooden chopsticks
Ribbon and scissors


  1. Have the kids color something that reminds them of offering the victory on their banners (white paper).
  2. Punch holes in two of the corners on one edge
  3. Thread the chopstick or straw through the holes (tape might be useful to fasten)
  4. Tie ribbons to the top end then curl with the scissors


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