Story of Nine and a half fingers – a Tibetan tale of Karma

It is said that in a valley nestled in the foothills of the great Himalayan Mountains, lived a beautiful princess who had a faithful maidservant. This maidservant is very devoted to the princess. Everywhere the princess went, the maidservant would be by her side.

One day while serving the princess her favourite apple, the knife that the maidservant was using accidentally slipped and cut the princess’ little pinky finger in half.
The Princess was so outraged at the maidservant’s clumsiness, she ordered the guards to throw the maidservant in the dungeon where it was cold, creepy, wet and eerie.
(Do you think the princess should throw the maidservant in jail?)
Without feeling pity for her long-time companion, the princess went on with her life. Soon she forgotten about the maidservant.
Many months passed, winter turned to spring, the beautiful, colourful flowers carpeted the valley. The princess decided to take a stroll through the royal garden. She was so captivated by the beauty of each flower, she did not realized she has left the palace grounds and entered a nearby pine forest.
She was just listening to the music of the dancing wind when suddenly a band of red eyed demons pounced on her. They were the demons of the forest and had been waiting for years to capture a perfect human.
However, they soon found out that the princess was not as perfect – she was missing half a pinky!!! So they set her free.
Rejoicing in her good karma, the princess returned to the palace. She is so relieved and happy to be alive. Immediately, she ordered her maidservant to be set free. She was sorry that she had imprisoned the maidservant. She told the maidservant of her near escape from the forest demons. The princess begged for forgiveness because it was her half of a pinky that saved her life.
(Wow- so the princess realised that losing half her finger is actually a good fortune.)
The wise maidservant said, ” But my highness, my life has been spared by your imprisonment. My fate would have been death if I was not sent to prison. I would have been by your side and it would have been me who was taken away.
So I accepted all that happened without thinking if it was good or bad – it was my karma. I understand that certain things are meant to be and I need to learn from them.”
The Princess was thankful for the wisdom – she said,” Now I see how the two of us are connected by karma and how everything is connected by karma.”
From that day onward, the princes with nine and a half fingers welcomed whatever happened with an open heart, and later she reigned as a kind and compassionate Queen.
And so it came to pass.
Craft – Fridge Magnet Photo Frame – I accept all good things and all bad things – Picture of Good and Bad weather – no matter what kind of weather we encounter, we learn to accept.
Material – Magnet tape, Construction papers, background picture of contrast good and bad things
Meditation – What good is it to get angry at things that we have already experienced. If we hit a plank of wood, it remain peaceful and still. If something bad happened, we cannot un-experienced it so practice becoming wood. There is no point getting angry. Imagine yourself as a piece of wood, so still and so quiet. Sit very still and become wood.

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