Being steady

This morning’s class topic was “being steady”. We looked at how Buddha taught that being steady was needed to accomplish any major goal. Even if we apply great energy over a short period of time, we can easily become discouraged and give up if we do not see great results immediately. Just as we cannot boil a pot of water by turning the heat on and off, but it will boil if we apply constant steady heat, so can we accomplish anything (especially training our mind) if we apply constant effort over a long period of time.

By doing so, our effort will be like a wide river that flows constantly, rather than a waterfall brought on by a brief storm which them trickles away to nothing. (Joyful Path – p.474)

We told and acted out the classic story of the hare and the tortoise to illustrate the benefits of a steady approach.


Steady turtles

Steady turtles

To remind us to apply steady effort like the tortoise, we made a turtle for our craft. Directions and credit go to: We simplified by using construction paper for the shell.


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