World Peace – Class 1

What is world peace? Show pictures. Which of these pictures is World Peace to you? What is the world like if we stop fighting? (Peaceful – like when we meditate.) What is the world like if we share everything. (There will be no poverty, no war, no hunger.) What is the world like if we stop arguing? (We will live in harmony – friends with everyone.)


We can achieve world peace. It all starts with us. We need love for other people before we can live in harmony with them. So we remember that people have been kind to us. Without people and other living things, we will not have existed. Through their kindness, we can live and enjoy our food, our house, our life.

For example let look at how we come to have ice cream. Show Chain of Kindness diagram. These are only a few beings that I have listed here to show you their kindness of giving us the joy of eating ice- cream.

 Because people are so kind to us, we must cherish them. Not just human but all living things have shown us kindness in sustaining our life. We cherish all living beings.


Meditation – Everyone has been kind to us. Without them, I will not have food, clothes, toys, clothes, and many other things. So I like to be their friend and look after them too. There are many living beings, countless of them, so I imagine love from my heart appear as a big red heart and hug them.


Craft– Write wishes like “May everyone be happy. May everyone wishes come true. May everyone have food to eat. May all pains and sufferings be gone. Etc etc.” Prepare markers for children to write their wishes on the strip of papers. Then follow instructions for folding stars to fill a bottle of wishes to cherish others.  See link to website for instructions -


One thought on “World Peace – Class 1

  1. We did a variation on this today. We used recycled clear plastic water bottles that represented out minds. I demonstrated with mine, which was full of sticks and stones and an old penny. I poured these “delusions” out and then I gave them all clean clear bottles. They decorated them with ribbon and put multicolored glitter (bliss) and rolled up pieces of paper with positive wishes in them.

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