World Peace – Class 2 in conjunction of International Mother’s Day

The Kindness of our Mothers


Many years ago, during Buddha’s time, Buddha was traveling with the monks when they came upon a pile of bones beside the road. Immediately, Buddha turned and prostrated to the bones.

Out of curiosity, Ananda asked Buddha the reason for prostrating to the bones. The Buddha said,” These bones may belong to my ancestors from former lives. They have been my parents in many past lives. That is the reason I now bow to them. These bones can be divided between a man and a woman. The white and heavy bones are the man’s. The black and light bones are of a woman.”

“How do you know? They are just bones now. Please teach us how you distinguish them.” asked Ananda.

“If when the man is in the world, he enters the temples, listens to the teachings, making offering to the three Jewels and recite mantra, then his bones will be heavy and white.

The woman, on the other hand, feels a strong commitment to her family and hence spent most of her time looking after her family. She gives birth and raises children. Each child would rely on its mother milk for life and nourishment. Each child can drink a lot of milk. Because of this drain on the mother’s body, the mother becomes worn and haggard. Her bones are therefore black and light.”

There are 10 types of our mothers’ kindnesses Buddha likes us to know:

  1. Providing protection and care when baby is in womb.
  2. Bearing the pain during child birth
  3. Forgetting about the pain once the child is born
  4. Always saving the better for her children rather than for herself
  5. Moving the child to a dry place and lying in the wet herself
  6. Feeding and bring up the child
  7. Washing away all the unclean
  8. Always thinking of the child when it has traveled far
  9. Deep devotion and care
  10. Ultimate pity and sympathy

Buddha tells us that all living things were our mothers previously. Their kindnesses are boundless and limitless.

Tomorrow is mother’s day. It is a day we remember our current mother’s kindness, how she has cared for us. Can you tell me why your mummy is kind to you? (She spend time to bring you here so that you can have white and strong bones. Etc. etc.)

Do you think we should be thankful for their kindness? How can we repay their kindness? (Being kind to others etc. etc.)


We imagine our mother in front of us, we feel our mother love us and care for us. She is so kind to us. I want to be kind to her too. Imagine your love like a heart shape coming from your center of your body, cover your mother, protecting her, loving her and making her happy. Imagine your mother happy as long as possible.


Making lavender bath salt as present for Mother’s day

Epsom salt

Sea salt

Essence of lavender

Dry lavender flower

Small empty jam jar

Mix all dry ingredients. Add drops of essence. Mix well. Fill bottle. Decorate the bottle. Add a self make card.



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