Happy June – Enjoying our journey

Becoming Happy June – Enjoying our journey

Story of Hare and Tortoise –

Focus on the emphasizing on how the hare and tortoise enjoyed the journey of the race. Even if Hare lost the race out of expectation, he had enjoyed his journey and therefore there is no need to be unhappy.


Just like the tortoise, as long as I try my best, the result may be different. And even when we did not get good result, we can be happy by enjoying what we do every moment. Just like now, we enjoy being still and quiet, concentrating on our breath. So now we try our best to enjoy every moment of our breath.


Making a tortoise coaster– Wishing to be like tortoise, to try our best and to enjoy what we do.



Craft eyes




Cut out shell and body of tortoise. Decorate shell. Glue body and shell together. Add eyes to tortoise.



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