Turning anger into patience

Today’s class followed last week’s teaching on anger with a teaching on how we transform that into patience.

Key quote:
Those who are able to practice patience have very strong minds. They are like heroes or heroines, […], and nothing has the power to disturb their minds.

We talked about how anger can be like a “bad guy” in a story or movie – scary, out of control and harming others. We need to be superheroes/heroines and learn to harness our superpower of patience so that we can defeat it and bring benefit to others. Because this is all within our mind, we can actually do this!

To illustrate, we made two sided masks – one with an angry face, and the other a happy face, understanding that it is within the power of our mind to transform from angry to happiness with patience at any time.

All that is needed are some paper plates, tongue depressors (to hold the masks), scissors and coloring pencils or crayons:



Happy - through the power of patience :)

Happy – through the power of patience 🙂


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