Understanding anger

Last week at KMC Washington, we taught on the topic of understanding anger. We talked about how anger does not help anyone – it doesn’t make the person who is angry happy, and it doesn’t make anyone around the angry person happy either! Not only that, it can come on very suddenly and become out of control quickly. It is a potent destructive force that we need to try to stop! The good news is that it’s principal cause lies within our mind so we can learn to control it.

Key quote:
One of our most destructive delusions is anger. […] If we fail to catch anger early on, and allow it to grow, it will soon become like a raging fire that is very difficult to extinguish.”

Eight Steps to Happiness p. 104

To illustrate the power of anger, we created craft volcanoes. If you mix water (our mind) and vinegar (external object), they can coexist happily with no problems. However, if you first mix some anger (baking soda) into our mind (water) – you quickly have conflict!

Craft instructions and credit: http://crafts.kaboose.com/erupting-volcano.html



Gathering around the volcanoes

Gathering around the volcanoes


    Demonstrate that water and vinegar mix just fine – not as exciting but a reminder that without the cause, there is no explosion!
    This is a good craft to enjoy outside since they overflow and make a bit of a mess (that’s the fun!)
    Remind the kids as you give them the baking soda that it represents the seed of anger in their mind

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