The Giving Tree

Today’s kids class at KMC Washington was related to the practice of giving. We covered the 3 types of giving and emphasized how Buddha said that giving can be done with mental and verbal action (as well as with physical things like we normally think). Also that it is primarily our intention that determines whether we are truly practicing giving.

We then read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and then created their own “giving tree” which fit well with autumn in full swing: the tree trunk and branches created by their hand outline represents them giving, and the glued leaves represent things that they would like to give to others. Inspiration credit to:

The Giving Tree


2 thoughts on “The Giving Tree

  1. We did this last week for the kids class in Atlanta, it went over very well, we didn’t have the book, The Giving Tree, but found it online and had three kids read from an ipad, reading 10 pages each and showing the pictures. Kids kept engaged and had a lot fun with the craft,great idea! Thanks for posting!

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