Emanation Medallions

This teaching was based on Geshe-la’s teaching in Portugal showing us that we can act as his emanations if we keep him at our hearts and perform actions in the world on his behalf. In particular when we align our actions with his “job” of benefitting all living beings, then it is just like he is there himself – how wonderful!

This was related to the kids by asking what the “job” of a parent is – taking care of and protecting their children. Then we thought of a time when an older sibling may have saved a younger sibling from a dangerous situation when their parent was not around. In that situation, the older sibling was acting like an emanation of their parent, performing the same job as their parent. It is just as if the parent was there!

One way to help us become emanations is to invite the Buddhas into our hearts so we can act on their behalf. To remind ourselves of this, we made “emanation medallions”. These were made from Buddha images from old publicity and enhanced with rays of light radiating from their/our hearts to benefit all living beings.




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